The Prophetic Basis for Evaluating the Significance of Immorality

Immorality in the News
Events of Prophetic Significance

     I highly recommend that you purchase a copy of Facing the Storm - and read it through very carefully. It's an exegesis of Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus' Olivet Discourse. It clearly distnguishes between (1) the false signs that do not herald the approach of the Tribulation, that instead are common to every epoch of human history, and (2) the authentic signs that most certainly do herald its approach. The false signs are spelled out from verse 4 to verse 6. The authentic signs are spelled out in verse 7 and called "birth pangs" in verse 8. The authentic signs include ...
  • a world war,
  • a global economic collapse,  
     Here in this section, I've compiled a collage of videos and articles that give some idea of the extent to which moral decay has gutted our nation - and not just here in America, but western culture generally. Moral certainty has given way to a postmodern relativism now fully sanctioned by many of our courts, legislative bodies, and the executive branches of our government - even up to the president. The moral certainty the Christian faith has always proclaimed is not simply adjudged to be "out-of-date" and "old fashioned," but dangerous and reprehensible. 
     Christians now find themselves caught in the cross hairs of a secular elite bent on scrubbing the public square clean of every trace of the Christian faith - to the point that civil and even criminal sanctions are being brought to bear against anyone who dares question attitudes and behavior that at one time were deemed unconscionable and wicked, e.g., abortion on demand, same sex marriage, transgender rights, drug use, fornication, euthanasia, etc.
     The articles and videos listed below not only reveal the radical nature of America's moral decline, but also the causal relationship between that decline and the ever-increasing hostility against the Christian Faith.

Press on picture to purchase a copy of Facing the Storm

  • global famine,
  • global epidemics, and, finally,
  • a seriesof catastrophic natural disasters occurring throughtout the world.
     How exactly those signs are derived from Matthew 24:7 is very carefully explained in Facing the Storm.
     Verse 9 marks the beginning of the Tribulation - with the events spelled out from verse 9 through verse 15 describing events that will occur during its entire seven year span of time. Those events, however, will not occur suddenly and unexpectedly. A precursor of each event will become increasingly obvious during the lead-up to the Tribulation, the "Birth Pangs Era." There are at least nine precursors ...

  • ever-increasing immorality;
  • ever-increasing anti-Christian bias and the marginalization of faithful believers;
  • the separation of faithful believers from unfaithful believers;
  • rampant apostasy withing the church; 
  • on-going military tension and outright war in the Middle East;
  • ever-increasing anti-Zionism;
  • ever increasing anti-Semitism;
  • an ever-increasing breakdown of the social order leading to political paralysis and chaos;
  • ever-increasing lawlessness, violence, and terror.
Obama aggressively pushes
so-called "transgender rights"     
     Obama aggressively endorses transgender "rights" - especially the matter of bathroom access. It's an issue that's further dividing the country into two warring camps and underscoring just how hopelessly divided the country has become - leading to a political paralysis that's unprecedented in American history. Never before has the entire fabric of the Judeo-Christian fabric been so threatened. Throughout past crises, It always remained intact. Not so today. Exactly why so-called "transgender rights" are so antithetical to the ethical norms of scripture is spelled out in an article I wrote. Press this link to read it.

Focus on Immorality in
End Days Prophecy

A little thought reveals that there's a causal relationship between the persecution of believers mentioned in verse 9 and the immorality mentioned in verse 12 - that the one, immorality, gives rise to the other, persecution. And that augers poorly for Chrisitians throughout the world - including here in America. 
National Basketball Association (NBA)
demands so-called "transgender rights"     
     Can you imagine? It's to the point that the NBA is threatening to pull the All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina unless transgender bathrooms are allowed throughout the state. Here we go again. Anyone daring to speak out against the immorality that's awash in America is being either cowed into silence or flat-out persecuted - in the case of Curt Schilling, it was the loss of his job.
Matthew 24:9a
Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you ...
Matthew 24:9a

     Verse 9a is the first verse describing the Tribulation. It skips over the Treaty of Hell and Death, the defense pact signed between Antichrist and the lead­ers of Israel ...

And he (Antichrist) shall confirm the covenant with many (the leaders of Israel) for one week (the last seven years of Dan­iel’s prophecy)
Daniel 9:27

... and plunges directly into a description of the terrible persecution that will characterize all of Daniel’s Seventieth Week.

Matthew 24:12
     It’s unlikely that the persecution verse 9a describes will break out against be­lievers suddenly, with no warning whatsoever. That’s because persecu­tion never arises “out of nothing,” “ex nihilo.” It requires a specific back­drop, a social milieu that paves its way and facilitates its spread. Two pre­conditions are ordinarily at play …

  • a collapse of the cultural norms that ordinarily hold homicidal cru­elty in check - a collapse that leaves people disoriented and con­fused, un­able or unwilling to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil (e.g. Nazi Germany, ISIS); and, concomitantly,
  • some kind of rationale that affords it a modicum of legitimacy; that serves to lend credibility to the Machiavellian aphorism: “the ends justify the means.”
... and, not surprisingly, a collapse of cultural norms is exactly what verse 12, three verses further on, describes ...

And because iniquity shall abound ...
Matt. 24:12
     Verse 12 tells us that the Tribulation will be marked by abounding iniquity (also translated “lawlessness”). The Greek word translated “abound” means “multiplied.” What’s im­plied, therefore, is not simply a marginal increase in iniquity, but a per­vasive, far-reaching collapse of ethical norms - the kind of collapse that led to God’s judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah and the kind Isaiah vainly warned Judah to turn back from just before she was conquered by the Babyloni­ans ...

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness ...
Isaiah 5:20

     The collapse begins as the intellectual foundation upholding the norms starts to rot. The superstructure may appear sound and intact for many years, but eventually the disintegration spreads …

  • from the foundation below ground to the edifice above ground;
  • from the “enlightened avant-garde” to the larger community that enve­lopes it;
  • from university journals and cutting edge “Greenwich Village” novels and plays to commercially promoted, primetime tele­vision serials and common street talk (e.g., rap music which often includes lyrics that demean women and openly encourage gratuitous violence, etc.).

     Once the old moral order is no longer honored “on the street,” anyone who still clings to it, anyone who dares acknowledge that his life is still gov­erned by a Biblically grounded code of moral conduct and who insists that its transgres­sion is sinful, will be openly mocked and eventually cen­sured for intol­erance and narrow-minded bigotry.  
    And that’s exactly what has been occurring here in America over the last fifty years or so - and even more so in Western Europe, especially since the 1970s when postmodern relativism broke into pop culture and began to completely revamp it.
     Today, tolerance is the reigning moral imperative - a tolerance of behav­ior that the old Judeo-Christian tradition unequivocally condemned: pre­marital sex; infidelity; no-fault divorce; homosexuality; same sex mar­riage; abortion on demand; recreational drug use; joblessness grounded in an entitlement mindset and a corresponding rejection of self-reliance; narcissism; and the list goes on and on.
Hillary Clinton warns that the
​moral code must change    
NEW YORK: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary blatantly warns Americans that the moral code that has guided this country since its inception must be abandoned for the sake of acheiving what she terms "social justice." Again, what we have here is one more clear indication that the country is hopeless divided and that a cultural change of enormous proportions is now underway here in America.
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