This section of my web-site is devoted to the recovery of Christian orthodoxy - meaning what the Christian faith is and how much the evangelical church of today has strayed from that faith. I start off with Jackie Hill-Perry. I do so because for many white evangelicals she is so unexpected. The fact that she's black provides her with a latitude that very few white pastors are able to muster. And the fact that she's a hip-hop poet from a lesbian background only adds to the latitutde she enjoys. She is able to break past the "cool" of so many white pastors who have capitualted to the "wisdom of this world." She minces no words - and shames our own lack of boldness and our tepid commitment to the stern and severe requirements of a genuine Christian faith.
Overcoming Same Sex Attraction

Here again is Jackie Hill-Perry. In this video, she provides a brief bio of herself - when and how she became entangled in lesbian relationships. She then goes on to lay out how exactly she overcame her homosexuality. The foundation she lays out is entirely scriptural - without any of the short-cuts that are prolferating throughout today's church. Toward the end of the video, she highlights the importance of community in breaking free from sin and walking in victory. She contrasts the very real community that homosexuals enjoy with one another and how the tug of that community can only be overcome by genuine Christian community.
Rebuking Compromised Leaders and
The Churches They Pastor

Here is this video Jackie Hill-Perry rebukes the Black Evangelical Church; however, her rebuke is equally valid for today's white church - even more so. She minces no words and doesn't hold back on the tongue-lashing she dishes out. It's a much needed rebuke that the church desperately needs. The compromises the church today is guilty of are beyond the pale any of us who are in our late 60s and 70s ever thought possible. Her rebuke is in the form of a hip-hop poem. Both her orthodoxy and her boldness are truly astonishing.
Persecution Is Coming

Here in this video Jackie Hill-Perry warns believers that persecution is coming.