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God Needs Real Men
     Few people deny it any longer: men have lost their way here in America. Close to three generations of boys have been raised in homes without fathers; with no one to show them what it means to be a real man; and with more and more of them gravitating toward one of two stereotypes:
  • The metrosexual man who styles his hair with the same fastidious attention of a woman, who enjoys shopping in high-end boutiques, who helps organize earth-day rallies and whale watches, and who has become adept at living in a world that caters almost exclusively to the needs and sensitivities of his wife or girl-friend; or,
  • The “cage-fighter,” who makes muscle and brawn the mark of his manliness, who revels in raw brutality, who spurns even the hint of compassion, and who treats women as little more than objects of sexual gratification.

     Both stereotypes are rooted in a culture that has become “effeminized.” The first is nothing more than an accommodation - an abject surrender on the part of some men to a trend they feel helpless to reverse; the second is a flat-out repudiation of it - an in-your-face rejection on the part of other men, who, like their foppish counterparts, know they can’t turn it back, but can’t bring themselves to embrace it either. 
​     Neither, however, recovers what men know intuitively they’ve lost and want so desperately to recover: their manhood.
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