Reaping Souls in God's Harvest Field

Breakout  is all about the gospel - explaining it, preaching it, and winning souls to Christ. It will revolve around two topics: (1) the nature of the Christian faith - what it is and what it isn't; and (2) sanctification, meaning deliverance from the power of sin. Our intention is to make this a venue where you can bring anyone you know to hear the gospel and have it spelled out for him. The first of the two topics will be taken up on Wednesday evenings at 7PM and the second on Sunday mornings at 9AM.   Encourage everyone to come - both Christian and non-Christian. Let's start a revolution! Read more below. Also, we invite your comments at the bottom of this page.


Every Wednesday Evening and Sunday Morning

Breakout will be meeting every Wednesday evening at 7pm and Sunday morning at 9AM @ 2951 Sunrise Blvd. #175, Sacramento. A map is provided below.
Every Wednesday evening at 7PM
Every Sunday morning at 9AM
Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send workers into his harvest field.
~ Matthew 9:38
​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are committing ourselves to making salvation of the lost the primary mission of the church ( press here ). In furtherance of this goal, we are establishing two weekly events called “Breakout.” The first, which focuses on the nature of the Christian Faith, will be held every Wednesday evening at 7PM and the second, the focus of which is sanctification, will be held every Sunday morning at 9AM.  ​Everyone is welcome - whether Christian or not. The two sessions of Breakout meet at Capital City Church, 2951 Sunrise Blvd. #175. A map to the Breakout sessions is provided at the bottom of this page.

Salvation, of course, is in two parts:
  • deliverance from the penalty of sin; and
  • deliverance from the power of sin.
With that in mind, Breakout will be in two parts.
Wednesday Evenings at 7PM
On Wednesday evenings, Breakout will take up the urgent need for all mankind to be delivered from the penalty of sin. That's called justification. We’ll be examining the nature of the Christian Faith - what it is and, equally as important, what it isn’t. We all know persons who are confused about the Christian Faith and who want it explained to them. We want this session of Breakout to be a venue where you can bring friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. to hear about the Christian Faith and
encounter Christ. The need to actually explain the Christian Faith has become critical because of the
ever-growing apostasy rampant within the church. Plenty of time will be set aside for persons you bring
to ask questions. Other issues we’ll be taking up include:
  • How can a loving God permit all the suffering and heartache in the world?
  • The five wounds that sin inflicts – how those wounds have formed and shaped the human psyche. 
  • Why the Christian Faith recognizes no other way of salvation apart from faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Why Jesus must be both fully God and fully man.
  • Etc.

In addition, we’ll be setting the gospel against the backdrop of dramatic world events:

  • the ever-increasing violence that’s engulfing not just our country, but the entire world;
  • the horrific immorality that’s now not just excused, but actually condoned and even encouraged;
  • the collapse of traditional norms that at one time gave us a sense of common direction and purpose;
  • the paralysis that’s overtaken more and more governmental institutions;
  • the polarization that’s ripping us apart from one another;
  • the hatred of authority;
  • the ominous significance of Israel’s rebirth with Jerusalem as her capital;
  • etc.

Sunday Mornings at 9AM

     Christ not only promises deliverance from the penalty of sin, but from its power as well. That’s the
topic we’ll be taking up on Sunday mornings at 9AM. What the scriptures have to say about breaking
free from the bondage of a compulsive sin.
     The immorality now inundating American society has trapped hundreds of thousands of persons in
compulsive addictions that are ruining their lives - and that includes believers as well. Justification, it
should be remembered, is a one-time event that rests on grace alone, not on any effort we bring to 
the transaction. But sanctification is very different: it’s an on-going process that does indeed require
enormous effort on a believer’s part. Sadly, however, many believers think that breaking free from
the bondage of a compulsive sin requires nothing more than prayer, fellowship, and Bible study. And,
yes, all three disciplines are vital. But when believers run head-long into the stubborn reality that those
three disciplines alone are not sufficient, many of them throw in the towel and walk away from the
Christian Faith. “It doesn’t work,” they complain. These are the “Dones2.” Either that, or they twist
scripture to accommodate their failure to overcome whatever sin is ruining their lives: fornication,
alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography, homosexuality, adultery, gambling, etc. These too are the “Dones2.”
     We want this session of Breakout to become a venue for you to bring persons struggling with addictions (both saved and unsaved) to meet Christ and find help and healing.

A Meaningful and Significant Ministry for Everyone
     We are hoping that many of you will want to minister alongside us. We pledge to help you find find a truly significant and meaningful role to play. Everyone who has committed himself to Christ yearns to find such a role. Those who don’t also become “Dones2.” 
  • You want to learn how to disciple younger believers?  We’ll show you how.
  • You want to learn how to witness effectively? We'll show you how.
  • You want to learn how to teach on the topics we’ll be focusing on in this ministry? We’ll show you how.
  • You want to head up a brother’s or sister’s house for new believers in need of being protected, encouraged, and helped? We’ll show you how?

                                                       Acts 17:6


1 We want to avoid calling any of the Breakout sessions a "class."
2 There are two kinds of "Dones" languishing in the church these days: 
  • those of have struggled for years as believers to overcome the power of a compulsive sin and who have failed to do so; and
  • those who have never managed to find a meaningful role to play in the church - who intuitively know there's much more to being a believer than "three songs and a sermon" on a Sunday morning, but who have not been shown either what it is or how to play it.
The video over on the left spells out the relationship between Revelation Chapters 1-3 and the remaining 19 chapters. It's well worth your careful attention. What it reveals is the prophesied state of the church at the end of Redemptive history, on the cusp of the Tribulation and God's judgment. It underscores the fundamental importance of evangelizing the lost.
Your comments are invited in the space provided below. We look forward to hearing from you

Map to Class

Travelling east on Hiway 50 from Sacramento, turn south on Sunrise Blvd.; continue for about a half mile and then at the stoplight, turn left onto Sunrise Gold Circle. Follow signs for meeting place.