​Two Sessions

Wednesday Evening 7PM
     Every Wednesday evening at 7PM, we will be examining the nature of the Christian Faith - what it is and, equally as important, what it isn’t. We all know persons who are confused about the Christian Faith and who want it explained to them. We want this class to be a venue where you can bring friends, relatives, colleagues, etc to hear about the Christian Faith and personally encounter Christ. We will be setting aside lots of time during each class for discussion and questions. The class will meet at Capital City Church @ 7:00 @ 2951 Sunrise Blvd. #175. (Map and directions to the class are at the bottom of this page.)
     The need to actually explain the Christian Faith has become critically important because of the ever-growing apostasy rampant within the church. Plenty of time will be set aside for persons you bring to ask questionsand engage in discussion. Other issues we’ll be taking up include:
  • How can a loving God permit all the suffering and heartache in the world?
  • The five wounds that sin inflicts – and how those wounds have formed and shaped the human psyche. 
  • Why the Christian Faith recognizes no other way of salvation apart from faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Why Jesus must be both fully God and fully man?
  • Etc.

     In addition, we’ll be setting the gospel against the backdrop of dramatic world events:​
  • the ever-increasing violence that’s engulfing not just our country, but the entire world;
  • the horrific immorality that’s now not just excused, but actually condoned and even encouraged;
  • The collapse of traditional norms that at one time gave us a sense of common direction and purpose
  • the paralysis that’s overtaking more and more governmental institutions;
  • the polarization that’s ripping us apart from one another;
  • the hatred of authority;
  • the ominous significance of Israel’s rebirth with Jerusalem as her capital;
  • etc.

Sunday Morning 9AM
     There's no questioning the fact that many erstwhile believers are turning their back on the church. There are generally three reasons: 
     (1) Many of them have wrestled with a compulsive sin for a long time and have not been able to overcome its hold on their lives; e.g., an angry, bitter frame of mind; pornography, homosexuality, gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. The result is predicable: they have either jettisoned their Christian walk altogether, believing its claims are misleading, or they've twisted scripture to accommodate their failure to overcome whatever sin is plaguing their lives. 
     (2) Others have found it impossible to find a place for themselves in the church - a meaningful role to play - one that makes use of their spiritual gifts. For them the church is little more than "three songs and a sermon on a Sunday morning." 
     (3) Still others know intuitively that Christ has called them to a faith worth living all-out for - and, if necessary, worth dying for - a faith that calls them to sacrifice and heroism. Instead, however, the churches they attend are all about "keeping on with the keeping on" - of preaching "feel good" sermons that amount to little more than pablum. No heroism! No real sacrifice! No meaning and purpose that lend a sense of worth and dignity to their lives.
     BREAKOUT is geared toward reaching both the unsaved and the Dones.  Come Wenesdays and Sundays. Let's climb out of our foxholes and "take the devil on" - contending with him for the souls of the men and women he holds captive. Be a part of what we're doing! Bring the unsaved and the "Dones" you know along with you. Let's make our lives count!!

Map to Class

Travelling east on Hiway 50 from Sacramento, turn south on Sunrise Blvd.; continue for about a half mile and then at the stoplight, turn left onto Sunrise Gold Circle. Follow signs for meeting place.